Huel Vanilla with Cocoa powered is bearable

Hi there,
I have been on serval shake diets Herbalife, Slimfast, Juice Plus to name a few however never found any of them filling. Here’s where huel comes in while I find it filling I really dislike the taste and after taste of huel. I have tried adding banana which didn’t get rid of the aftertaste and I have tried coffee which made it worse if anything. However, Cocoa Powder made it taste like a chocolate milkshake. (YUM) Any other suggestions for flavourings next time I will be getting unflavored huel.
Thanks In Advance,
Ryan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I added half a yogurt (35 calories) and 1/2 serving of a bag of frozen strawberries (50 calories) and it was WAY more bearable!

Also really struggling with that vanilla flavour.

I managed to cover the taste by:

  • using at least 50% milk instead of water (i used almond milk)
  • adding 2 bananas
  • PEANUT BUTTER! the secret weapon! has a strong taste so it can cover up
  • chocolate powder… lots of it.
  • coffee
    I’m combining the above (bananas alone aren’t enough for example) and looking for new “recipes”.

Who thought the thing I bought to save time would take so much experimenting and extra prep time… :open_mouth: