Huel version 2.0 is now live!

Only 3 days in and the Huel team are already making a significant change based on feedback :clap: :+1:


Interesting thought

Any huel reps give some insight into these samples, are they very old stock that needed to be shifted sooner rather than later

There is a definite taste difference in the samples vs the larger bags i have bought

Thinking about it some more, I’m just wondering whether for future changes the Huel team could discuss it with us before they finalise it? If they are this open to discussing things and taking on board our feedback, why not involve us in the final decision each time? Once the Huel team has a recipe update they are happy with, just before they finalise it they could say to us, “This is how we are about to change it. Does anyone have any major concerns?” It just seems less hassle than actually releasing something and only then informing us of the changes made, and then having to consider whether certain changes were a good idea after all.

I’m trying to think of some kind of analogy, just because I like explaining things using analogies. How about this. You’re hired a builder to build an extension onto the side of your house, and the following conversation happens.

Builder: I just added an extra window. Do you like it?

Home Owner: Hmmm, I’m not sure. It’s kind of in the wrong place. I would have preferred it over there…

Builder: Okay, I’ll just knock it out, remove a bunch of bricks, and put the window over there instead.

Home Owner: Okay, great, but I’m just wondering whether it might have been a good idea to have checked with me first before you put the window in? Also (and sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, because of course you know more about this than I do), but why is there a door that doesn’t lead anywhere?

Builder: Err, well, we just thought having two doors was better because it’s an even number. You know, an odd number of doors just seems incomplete somehow…


Interesting idea…but don’t know that many other food manufacturers do that; consumers are generally the last to know. Good to see Huel taking the time and care over the product though; very unusual.

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This addition of poison is shocking! Fluoride is a neurotoxin with no benefits - even dental heath. In non water-fluoridated countries they simultaneously decreased average cavities per person with the fluoridated ones! The fact that a poison has minor benefits would never excuse the massive negative effects, nevermind the fact that in reality there are no positive benefits to be had! Fluoride might be recommended by acedemics but in the real world of ingestation we see the damaging effects on the skeleton and glands. I have had huel since 1.1 and I am appalled to see this addition of POISON. I’ll need to order again soon, if possible to receive 1.2? The other additions are great but no fluoride should ever be ingested not in toothpaste, water or food. I will never order 2.0 and frankly if 2.1 doesn’t remove the fluoride you have lost two customers eating 2k cals of huel each per day.


From the NHS website:
“Is fluoride safe?
There have been some concerns that fluoride may be linked to a variety of health conditions. Reviews of the risks (see above) have so far found no convincing evidence to support these concerns.”


The NHS also thinks blasting a person with radiation to cure cancer because of their acidic make-up is smart rather than alkalising the person. I am talking about unbiased review here not government agencies getting kickbacks. This book is a good one on the subject

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That’s irrelevant without some reference to dosage.


What’s up with the decrease in vitamin B6, folate, and niacin? As someone who has <2000 kcal / day I liked the fact they were a bit over before.

Got to admit I’m very sceptical of fluoride in Huel.

Also worried about the form of B12 and whether 2.5mcg is enough.


With regard to B12:

There is consistent evidence in adults that a cobalamin intake of 4 μg/day and greater is associated with serum concentrations of holoTC and cobalamin within the reference ranges derived from healthy subjects, together with MMA and tHcy concentrations below the cut-off values for adults, which indicates an adequate cobalamin status.

Any huel reps give some insight into these samples, are they very old stock that needed to be shifted sooner rather than later

There is a definite taste difference in the samples vs the larger bags i have bought

Into what samples sorry?

There shouldn’t be a taste difference between the samples and the larger bags. They’re made exactly the same! Maybe it’s like the difference between coke in a can or in a bottle? Same product but they taste very different to me.

The samples which were on sale last week for £1.

Now I notice there are no longer samples of this available and only version 2.0 samples

So its right to assume this was old old stock that needed rid of ?

The taste isn’t pleasant of these samples and very very different to those my larger bags of huel.

I find it odd how the taste can be so different. Surely if the product is huel it should taste of huel. Huel tastes great to me but these samples are really quite bad and don’t taste anything like huel, yet are labelled huel

It’s quite disappointing considering I bought about £160 worth of the stuff and it tastes terrible

I’m sorry you’re not enjoying them. We did sell them for cheap as we were switching to 2.0, and our stock levels meant we would have wasted a huge amount if we hadn’t sold them.

However, they are exactly the same as Huel and all other samples, so I’m not really sure where the difference would be coming from. There are natural variances with Huel as the season can slightly change the taste, but otherwise nothing at all is different with them. On the back of each sample you’ll see the expiry date, so none are old at all either. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. What exactly is the different taste like?

Ok that’s fair enough. As long as they’re not old and I’m still getting full nutritional benefit from them, then I will put up with the taste

I can’t describe the taste, it’s just like a stale taste or how I would imagine a cardboard box to taste. Which isn’t how huel tastes atall, it’s delicious usually. It would be a shame if all the samples you had in stock taste as poor as the ones I have, as they really will put a lot of new customers off if its their first experience of huel.

Surely it can’t just be me though, others who recently bought the samples must be able to tell too. I need to sleep now, but I will start a topic tomorrow to see if anyone else’s samples taste odd

I bought some of the reduced priced samples both vanilla and u/u. I have so far only used a few of the vanilla ones and I cannot notice any difference in taste if I prepare them in the same way as the large bag (in a blender with almond milk).

I got some of the samples too, but I haven’t eaten them yet. I’ll let you know if I notice anything.

I bought 12 of the samples while they were on sale. I’ve finished eating all of them now. They definitely tasted worse to me than the Huel in the big bags, so I’m glad I’ve used them all up and am back to the normal, big bags again. I agree with @archimedes about the taste being stale or like cardboard. If I wasn’t already familiar with Huel the samples would have put me off.