Hi guys,

im putting my huel vlog on youtube,

a little bit about me
im 37, 5 foot 10, 92kg probably around 20% bodyfat at the mo. Train weights regularly and cardio, but not seriously for 5+ years
aim is to get back down to 80kgs in 8 weeks and improve other factors, blood pressure etc as there is a family history of cardiac problems/ stroke
i am a surgeon so may also get bloods if i can persuade my colleagues to take some lol

Day 1 :slight_smile:
Training : 5x5 squats 115kgs , 5x5 bench press 110kgs , 5x5 bent over rows 90kgs, dips 3x8 and skullcrushers 3x 8 at 40kg
tomorrow = cardio
check my youtube video for the vlog thanks

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Hey there! Great to have you using Huel, thank you for getting it all into a vlog. Loved watching it and looking forward to the updates! Let us know if you have any questions at all as I and the rest of the forum would love to help!

Keep up the hard work :relaxed:

here is day 2 of the vlog
still no GI issues. I suspect this is the MCT powder but because of asian cooking over many years in coconut oil i guess im used to it
i find the vanilla overly sweet and that is causing me to get a salt craving by the early evening
on 90% huel at the moment
got rid of the craving with a couple of salted oatcakes
yesterdays workout back and shoulders

  1. 4 sets of shrugs
  2. 4 sets of overhead press
  3. 5 sets of rows
  4. 5 sets of lat pulldowns

strength feels the same, cardio tomorrow will let you know how im getting on