Huel vs abs

So I’ve noticed I’ve been losing a lot of weight with Huel, even over Christmas. But that’s only the start, my muscles are much more defined without much exercise or protein powders. I am pretty much a 100 percent hueler because I only have to “cook” for myself and I hate cooking. I’ll have solid, healthy food snacks like fruit, eggs and I like to have quorn as well. They say abs are made in the kitchen but I’m curious to put that to the test. Has anybody on this forum gained abs with Huel if so how many scoops are you having per meal? I have 9 scoops a day currently.

You ‘gain’ muscle through exercise, but in order for your ‘abs’ to show, a low body fat percentage is required.
You could have huge abdominal muscles from loads of targeted exercise, but if you have fat covering them you won’t see them.
So, to get a ‘six-pack’ which I assume you are after you would need to combine weight training with appropriate diet.
I’m a total novice in this area, but do know most people weight train and bulk up using a calorie surplus diet which needs to include plenty protein to rebuild muscle post workout and enough carbs to aid recovery. Huel is ideal for this.
Then they ‘cut’ by continuing to train to minimise muscle loss, but consume a calorie deficit to lose fat and this then results in ‘well-defined’ muscle.

That’s the very basic principles.
But there are some really knowledgeable gym-goers and body-builders on this forum that can give you much more detailed advice if you need it.

Edit: as for number of scoops, that totally depends on your calorie expenditure - you need to calculate that and decide whether you want to build muscle ie gain weight ie eat a surplus of calories. Or whether you want to lose weight / fat and therefore stick to a calorie deficit like you’ve been doing.
Hope that helps a bit :slight_smile:


Try @GTIPuG and @Stole_My_Sweetroll for advice…and of course @JamesCollier


Wow, can’t really add much more than @ChristinaT on this one!