Huel Vs Juiceplus

A friend of mine does the whole Juiceplus thing - taking it and selling it too. While I’m very much not going anywhere near the selling side of it, I’m just curious what people’s experiences are of the product itself and how it differs from Huel nutritionally.

The nutritional info label I found for the meal replacement for Juiceplus was per scoop, not 100g and getting the calculator out still didn’t give me too many clear outcomes.

Anyone with experience of using both, please share your thoughts on how each went for you and similarly… If anyone wouldn’t go anywhere near it, please let me know why.


I haven’t been able to find the nutritional profile for juice plus very easily. There are labels, but I’ve no idea if they’re up to date or not or what product they’re referring to. Do you have any images of the nutritional profile?

Just got these from him so hopefully the most up-to-date

I think the first things I see from that are that they are making it very clear that it isn’t a complete food, like huel.

And as a vegan I get enough Soya in the rest of my meals so maybe not the best plan to gulp this stuff.

That’s just the ingredients as well, so I can’t know how much of each vitamin/mineral is included which doesn’t help!

Will ask him to get them and let you know… I know even from that, that it’s not for me, but would be interesting to know more about the differences. Thanks

Trouble with juice plus it advertises itself as a dietry supplement, two shakes a day no carbs of course you will lose weight,the ammount of “good stuff” they add is qustionable aswell.

Multi tiered pyramid scheme.

I had no idea about this juice plus thing… had a look … I was interested. And then saw the outrageous prices!!!

A serving of Juice plus has more sugar in it than protein and is only a couple hundred calories. Nuff said.

You’d lose weight if you did nothing but drink a couple of colas and ate a slice of toast. Wouldn’t be healthy though would you?

Juice plus is complete crap. My mrs got sold a bunch of that stuff and when I took a look at it, I bought her a supply of Huel and Joylent, to make up for the losses she made on that pap. It’s the product of a fad, nothing more. It’s almost a con.

My wife’s friend is an agent for Juiceplus. She claims its cheaper than Huel. The advertising claims it drastically improves your skin, but her skin is shocking and her weight fluctuates up and down. During term time when she can attend the gym the weight comes off and during school holidays when she can’t attend the weight comes back on…funny that. My wife tried a free sample and she was hungry within an hour. I agree with James it’s a pyramid scheme.

Juice Plus+: Essentially a Pyramid Scam- NO Medical Evidence - Pushed and Taken by the Desperate, Gullible, Lazy and Weak.

That’s what’s always worried me about ‘juice detoxes’ and the like. You’re getting loads of energy from constant spikes due to the sugars, whilst losing weight because there are no calories.

Just seems like a horrendous way to lose weight.

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That’s because it is a horrendous way to lose weight.

Great way to market a faddish diet product that is seemingly engineered to generate short term ‘results’, yoyo diets and a consistent supply of people buying your drastically overpriced product. That stuff had a big reach though. Which sucks because more than any single thing people ask me, is people asking if Huel is just another version of all that stuff.