Huel + Walden Farm Sauces

First week on Huel and I am loving it. I want to ask about flavours, I know there are flavouring packs available, also people have mentioned before about adding espresso to their Huel which I believe affects the nutrient absorption, I was wondering if anyone had tried using Walden Farm sauces with their Huel and if it had any effect on the nutrients in Huel?


That’s an interesting idea. I’d love to hear your feedback on trying. I can’t see that there would be any adverse effects on nutrition.

We are looking into savoury flavour sachets, but they’re not as easy as sweet.

Quick update, I tried Walden farm caramel syrup in my shake yesterday afternoon, what a difference it made! I am in no way saying that huel doesn’t taste very nice, in fact the vanilla flavour does taste rather nice, but a small amount of caramely sauce in the shake got the taste buds tingling!

I only used a small amount, because the sauces themselves are quite expensive. I had been using them in my porridge prior to trying huel, but now it’s huel all the way for me.

If anyone does have any information on the nutrient side of things, I’d be eager to know, but I am glad you have said you don’t see any detriment :slightly_smiling: