Hueling to Morocco

Does anyone have any experience getting through Moroccan airport customs with huel?

I’m traveling to Marrakesh for a long weekend with only carry on luggage and would like to bring a bag (preferably half an open bag). I’ve had no problems flying with it to Europe and Canada, I always carry a fact sheet with me if it’s not in original packaging. However I don’t fancy being flung in any Moroccan jails for carrying supposed contraband.

A very long time ago when I was a student we had a field trip to Morocco
On the way back we flew into Luton (I think🤔) and one student had his bags searched really thoroughly … down to each individual item being checked by the drugs dog, as he was going crazy over this bag

It was found to be a camel skin belt he had bought … the camel apparently had lived in the same area as drugs were grown and subsequently its skin had absorbed the smell of drugs

I’m sure Huel is fine tho !!!


I don’t envisage any problems. Providing you pay the visa fee on way in that’s all they worry about. Marrakesh is great, but quite hectic, especially Jemaa el-Fnaa at night.