I am looking for a good peppermint


I need a good peppermint flavoring. I want to try to replicare Huels FS, I have bought cacao but I am unable to find a flavoring for peppermint in Sweden. I can shop abroad, preferably in Europe to avoid customs though… thanks


Stick Huel and a pack or polos in a Vitamix…blast on full power for a minute. Job done.

Sugar rush too.

Or this, works well. https://www.foodieflavours.com/shop/flavours/natural-flavouring/peppermint/?attribute_pa_size=15ml&gclid=CjwKCAjwyMfZBRAXEiwA-R3gM2Rclaq1yykLwxJqPrMzzHePgUrPNrSrYFT1vsFtXIVMG_iSmp-yPhoCIPwQAvD_BwE


Maybe it’s not the sort of thing you’re after, but I just buy bog standard peppermint essence from the home baking section of the supermarket. Works for me.


Agree with this, half a cap of that is wonderful. Before we made Mint-Choc FB this is what we recommended, no reason it wouldn’t work without the chocolate.



When you say from the supermarket, what is that exactly? Could you post a picture? I live in Sweden but I imagine there should be something similar… hopefully :thinking:


It is usally a tiny bottle of liquid that you use a few drops of. I bought wonderful peppermint flavoring - essential oil - from my pharmacy.
But can be bought at many places. Just look up flavorings. Someone here posted about a flavoring company that even has asparagus flavor and the like - but also the sweet flavorings like raspberry and mint etc.


It looks like this, the bottles are really small probably only 5 centimetres


Thanks all. I will have a trip to the local supermarket and see if I can find such an item :slight_smile:


Look in the baking section


Real peppermint oil can also be ordered from a pharmacy. Use one drop!!