I just tried the banana powder v2.3 for the first time

I just got my first bag of the new banana powder, and it is REALLY nice!
So good, I think it will likely be on all my orders going forward. Great addition to the range.

Thanks Huel :grin::+1:


Yay! Can’t wait to try it now :yum:
How does it compare to banana fb or real banana?


@Bee It’s a close match to the real thing, and from what I remember the FB being like, it’s a bit better than that too (and cheaper than buying powder and FB). I can imagine it will be ace with crushed ice and other fruits chopped into it.


Thanks @K3N0B1 sounds totally yummy!

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No worries Seven Of Nine :grin:

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I have today received some banana powder. I have some flavour boost banana, which I really like so I have decided to do a taste test comparison. I have made up 2 shakes for tomorrow. One contains my usual 50/50 mix of unflavoured / original vanilla (50g of each in 500ml water) with scant teaspoon of banana. The other is 500ml water with new banana flavour. They are both in fridge overnight and I will compare tomorrow and feedback.

My initial reaction:

For the first time ever I had a problem opening the seal of the bag. It ripped off incomplete at one end, so I tried the other end and it did the same. I then couldn’t open the bag without scissors as it hadn’t even started to open. That’s probably just a fluke.

The powder itself…didn’t really smell of anything much when in the pouch, barely noticeable, unlike the FB which has a strong banana(ish) smell.

I mixed it as above and it now smells as I expected, there are definite banana notes coming through, not as potent as the flavour boost for sure, but I am holding back from tasting until tomorrow. I will do a refrigerated taste test and then a room temp one comparing the two.


In addition I will get my wife to taste them. She only drinks original vanilla, so will be interested to see if she likes either or both, and if both which she prefers. She will be doing a test blind as I have not told her which is which, while I will obviously know which is which. Although I guess I could have got her to mix my test shakers etc…for accuracy. Too late now.


Will be interested to see how it fares mixing with vanilla and/or chocolate.


Was looking forward to trying some today:

But according to DPD they haven’t received it yet:

Have you run out of stock already @TimOfficialHuel ??

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@hunzas That’s happened quite a few times with mine.
So what do you think of the new banana pre mix? I will order some next week.


Yeah @hunzas we are waiting for your verdict
And your wife’s


I’m just waiting for his wife


Funny, this exact thing happened to me, and I had ordered the new Banana too. I have created a seperate post on it hoping for a reply. Have u received yours yet?

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Been given a new date now - looks like I might have to go food shopping.

Disappointing :thinking: This seems more like a DPD glitch than Huel.

Not so sure on that, the second screenshot in my first post implies that they hadn’t received the parcel from Huel to be able to send it to me. ?

Did you receive shipping email from Huel?

Yes, that’s the first screenshot in my original post.

At least you have a new delivery date! I still have nothing :pleading_face:

I thought that was the standard notification from DPD.