I left my shaker open for 2 months. What's this?

They’ve turned up on a shacker that I carelessly didn’t clean up. Maybe for a couple of weeks. Or maybe less.

I’m asking because the shacker left traces of Huel, about two fingers of product mixed with almond milk and quite thick. And after some time, when trying to clean the shacker with water, those “things” have appeared stuck to the surface of the shacker.

Dude, wtf is that? Now I want to know what the hell is that

I don’t know for sure but think they may be thrips that have been attracted by the moist plant matter in your shaker. Never a good idea to leave leftover food hanging around. Adults have wings and these look like larvae.

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I don’t know about thrips. I guess it’s just that I’m not fluent in English. What are they like?

There are a great many different species. Where do you live @OCS?

I live in Spain

Here are some Googled images of thrips

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thats interesting

never want to see things like that

but they obviously exist

Could it have happened because when I left the shaker, I did it next to a plant?

Was the shaker open the entire time?

Does the plant have insects on it? I take it the drinking part of the shaker lid was left open?

Extra protein, even with v3! :rofl:

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Yes, it was

Yeah, the shaker was open. And about the plant… No idea. I’ll look into it. Although I’m not sure what to look for, because I imagine it won’t be so easy to see in the plant.

Damn… If the shaker was opened that could be everything, the closest insect at your home.

ps: Edited title