I Lost 5 lbs in 1 week

So I’m not going to sugar coat anything here (excuse the pun)
I’m highly obese weighing in around 19 1/5 stone at a height of 5ft 6 … before using HUEL my unhealthy choices lead me down a unhealthy diet, going to work where I would eat takeaway 2 times a day which was seriously unhealthy! I cannot express how having so much junk food is really bad for your body , I didn’t actually know how bad it was … I knew that it was bad but didn’t think much of it until finding HUEL .

My Previous resting heart rate was around 98- 115
And my walking average was 135!!!
For anybody that doesn’t know this is heart attack territory and definitely not good !!

I’ve only been using HUEL for 1 week and I must say I’ve lost 5 lbs of weight so far, my heart rate is a lot better roughly 90bpm resting with an walking average of 100 , I’m definitely more calorie conscious when picking my meals
And I’m happy , for the first time in ages I’m happy , I’ve done no exercise to be honest and I’ve lost weight!

HUEL has helped me loose weight and I’m going to continue with it and hopefully in a months time I’ll be 20lbs lighter :wink:


Welcome Rexii - and well done to you both.

Let’s not demonise the past though. Sure, many of us made bad choices, but the important thing here isn’t to focus on the negatives of our past, but to concentrate on the positives of our future.

You’ve found Huel and it’s having a good effect. I’m delighted for you both but breathe!

This isn’t about some crash diet or looking for instant results and affirmation, although your results are stunningly awe inspiring! More, try to look at this from an wholistic perspective.

You made bad choices before (as did many of us). Why? We’re you eating junk just for convenience or for the taste or for comfort?

In the fairly short time I’ve been using Huel as my primary food source I’ve found that there are a great deal of these sorts of questions that can pop up and it’s good to examine within because it helps stop making poor choices going forward.

When looking to lose weight, we all tend to have the odd blip. Huel does however really help to make things simple. You work out your TDEE and then you use Huel and something else (or just Huel in my case) to consume 500 calories less than that.

Enthusiasm is fantastic. This is a journey to real health physically and well-being mentally.

Here endeth the lesson! :joy:

Which Huel products are you guys using? What are your favourites? I’m all about the chocolate Black Edition, coffee caramel bars and Thai green curry hot&savoury. What about you?

Any advice or motivation or whatever - there is a great community on these forums and folks who have a wide variety of experiences and suggestions, so please do stay and chat!


Looking at both my past and future I’m still having whole meals but I’m watching my calorie intake , currently i have a whole week off from work so I use HUEL for my breakfast , if I have time to make a couple of fried eggs with 1cal spray then I’ll have that and 1 scoop of chocolate mint HUEL, my main focus at the moment is to find out the right balance ! In work I’ll have 2 shakes consisting of 2 scoops for 2 meals so 4 In total … this is Mostly for convenience as at work I haven’t got time to go into the staff room and make a healthy meal . When at home this week I’ve had just normal food but I’ve had my morning shake then having food that doesn’t exceed 1,600 cals after my 400 or 200 kcal shake … god I feel so guilty Just writing this

I’m having 1 single cheat MEAL that doesn’t exceed my kcal intake every week to keep me sane and I recommend others to do so as it curbs the cravings heavily but monitor what you have

I’m finding that keeping my self occupied keeps my mind busy from going “order a takeaway go on , it won’t hurt” when I’m bored I tend to eat more so doing stuff does help

I’m also not going to lie both shakes (banana and chocolate mint aren’t the best , they’re drinkable but I’ve ordered vanilla and chocolate for my next batch


This video is going to be my craving stopper

No such thing as a cheat. It’s just something you incorporate into your food intake.

I have steak, chips, peas, spinach and asparagus every Saturday. Don’t feel guilty in the slightest, I just incorporate it into what I do, that’s kinda the point I’m trying to make.

There are no cheats or rules or anything. You probably have some goals and that’s great but the real key thing which can take a little time to properly appreciate is that it’s best, when pursuing a healthier lifestyle, to understand that this isn’t some fad, it’s your chance to develop a real lifestyle change which will affect you to the point where you don’t have cravings.

If you fancy an omelette and chips one day or a kebab or a burger or whatever, go for it. The rest of your lifestyle choices will ensure that this doesn’t matter - a little of what you fancy from time to time won’t hurt. :+1:t3: