I want to lose weight and body building

I want some advice for losing weight and start body building

i have started body building

my day start at 7:30am breakfast, 12pm lunch 3pm at gym then around 6pm dinner

what best to have pre-workout shake?

Non native English?

There’s a whole load of threads we’ve had like this so may be worth searching “muscle” “fitness” “lifting” to get those threads.


  • Use a TDEE calculator online to establish your caloric needs
  • Eat less than this (a deficit) to lose weight
  • Eat this amount to maintain weight (maintenance) or gain muscle if you’re a noob (noob gains)
  • Eat more than this to build size and muscle mass

Note: For your first six months (if you are new), you’ll experience a phenomenon known in the scene as “noob gains” as above. This is a brief period of adjustment where you can gain muscle mass while eating at a deficit or maintenance. I recommend picking up a good program to take full advantage of this.

After this period, gaining muscle size and strength while not in surplus is extremely hard.

Also, read this:


I’d recommend the “PPL” program on there.

Just be sure not to go to the gym, do some curls, do some bench, then go home and wonder why you’re not looking better. :smiley:

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