Idea: Huel Exercise Plan - "Hulk"

Huel is a quality foundation for human nutrition generally. It is obviously up to each individual to incorporate it into their lives in a manner that will best suit them (e.g. by consuming more or less than the 2000kcal reference quantity). But it is an incredible resource and launchpad for such optimisation and experimentation.

Since diet and exercise are 2 sides of the same coin when it comes to health, what might a corresponding exercise plan look like? And would it be a good idea to develop and promote one? I’m talking about some kind of a reference “2000kcal exercise plan”. Maybe we can call it “Hulk”! =D

I am probably not the best person to develop this but I may be able to contribute after the ball gets rolling. Let me know what you think.


Hi @liveforever

Thanks for the idea; something we’ll consider. There would have to be several exercise plans to accomodate everyone as people have different goals and the plans would need to vary.

@JamesCollier What exercise are you having the test subject do? It may not be ‘Hulk’ exercise but it might be more than sufficient for most of us.

Also the idea of an exercise plan for Huel users named ‘Hulk’ made me smile. “Plz can we haz?”

You’re welcome.
Marvel’s lawyers.



Surely it should be ‘Huelk’. :smile:


Actually, shouldn’t it be called Hexercise?

Human + Fuel = Huel
Human + Exercise = Hexercise

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Good one - like it! LOL

You missed such an obvious name… “Huelk”

So what’s it going to be? A bulk, a cut, cardio endurance / VO2 Max increase, weight gain, weight loss… Have you actually thought this through?

Why not just create another forum section with the usual subheadings that one finds in a body building / health and fitness forum on the huel servers with different exercise plan ideas so that people can design,plan and comment on appropriate plans for themselves?

That’s awful! It sounds too much like “puke”.

I’m a typical average 34 year old male, started at the gym at the same time as I moved from joylent to huel and getting surprisingly good results from three 45 minute sessions each week.

Meant to take a before pic but forgot, happy to share my workout if it’d be useful.