IF and maximum protein per meal / per day

Does the following make sense?

  • Intermittent Fasting burns fat for this question let’s use 16:8

  • your body has the most effective protein synthesis when you eat 0,4g/kg(body weight) per meal. With a total of 1,6g/kg(body weight). Combined with carbs and fat to let the body burn this the most efficient.

Given the above knowledge the following I want to eat according to this schedule.

12:00 lunch

15:00 refeed

18:00 dinner

20:00 refeed

Writing that down makes me wonder how this can be applied in the real world. Because as you can see there are a lot of meals. It doesn’t really fit in the 8 hour window. Also when can you train?

Would like to hear your toughts and advice.


0.4g/kg per meal - 1.6g/kg per day

My thoughts are all these things such as this are just a nonsense. I’m not disputing there maybe some science behind it confirming it burns fat quicker than “standard” eating, but it’s just not necessary and as you are now asking not entirely practical to fit into the real world if you want to do some decent training.

I’ve lost like 22kg of body fat in the last couple of years with a bit more still to go. I’ve done it by simply changing what I eat from junk or semi junk to something decent. Reduce snacking, reduce alcohol and get regular exercise. I’ve kept my net calories around to around 1500 so I eat 1500 on days I don’t train and 2000 on days I do. I’ve eaten meals from getting up to 2 hours before bed. It really is that simple in my opinion.


I understand where you are coming from. The biggest effect is simply reducing your callorie intake. My goal is to go to single digit fat percentage and maintaining dare I say it grow in muscle mass. seeing all the people having great results with IF make me wonder how I can implement the best of two worlds.

I’ve explored IF vs CICO and honestly saw no difference at all. IF just installs an extra trigger of discipline in your mind when you’re offered a biscuit at work.

“No thanks Sharon, my window opens at 16:00 I’m afraid”

Coup hit the nail on the head in my mind.

Single digit BF is impossible to maintain (realistically - Not saying it can’t be maintained by competing athletes for a couple of weeks either side of a competition).

What is it you’d like to achieve this body fat percentage for? Are you competing?


I want to hit single digit at the end of the cutting phase. Then go a little bit higher and maintain it.

I can still do this, nothing gained nothing lost.