I'm Fully Stocked with Huel for Weeks

Today I received my latest order of 8 bags, and I think I still had 3 bags remaining from my previous order. I wanted to get my order in before Christmas so I don’t run out. Now I’m all set until well into the New Year.

Today I had the last of my unflavoured and the strawberry flavour pack, which I mixed with vanilla Huel. I won’t be ordering unflavoured again. I was tempted to reorder the strawberry flavouring to have with the vanilla, but in the end I decided just to settle with good old vanilla Huel. I think I actually prefer just to keep it simple like that.

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I’m in a similar situation, on both counts.

I’m fully stocked on Soylent; I found resellers and stockpiled; at one point I had 19 weeks worth. Down to nine weeks. Now I’m all set until well into the New Year.

From the beginning, I chose to go without flavouring. I figured as soon as I was used to the neutral, then I could flavour as desired. But I didn’t want to depend on flavouring. Now I don’t have to worry about the extra step of flavouring (talk about lazy!). I prefer just to keep it simple.

I’m with you, good old vanilla is my fav. Simple and fast.