In car blenders - any tips?

Like many users, I’ve taken to mostly reserving huel for those times when food is inconvenient, and I’d really like to be able to conveniently mix it up in a layby.

I’ve noticed a few things like these Vortex mixers which look promising, does anyone have any experience with them or other battery blenders? I’d really love one that would run off the car battery.

I take it that actually storing Huel in a car is inviting disappointment?


You can use an inverter to enable use of a standard 230v blender, around 300w for the blend active one.For storing, a small cooler box 12v or fill one with some ice in the morning.
I find that the shaker with a ball in makes smooth Huel and never had lumps, again you could put a couple of ice cubes in and give it another good shake before consuming.
Why not make some the night before and store it in a thermal bottle which will keep cold for hours:

If you still feel a hand blender is better: