Instagram feed reversed images?

Why? It was particularly noticeable when you showed the back of the bag for the Vanilla.
Technical issue? Or just me?

If you put on selfie camera on Instagram or on your phone’s camera app does it have your photos around the right way? It would have been the same for everyone watching, not just you!

I’ve never done video in Instagram so I’m not sure. I do know how to flip a picture in the iPhone :iphone: if I’ve taken a selfie in a mirror with a logo shirt. I’m testing Camo so I can use my iPhone instead of the webcam for live video and that has a flip option too.
The sign on the wall was ok though?

Front camera vs rear camera?

Is that you @Tim_Huel I think there are 2 very similar guys like Tim at Huel

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I have to go front camera when on Live so I can read comments, as well as making sure everything is working. Perhaps there is a way, but might involve streaming with a different device.

I’ve mirror-written ‘Huel’ on the chalkboard for this reason! As well as trying to mess with you! Thanks for joining though, hope you enjoyed. Any suggestions then let me know!

That’s me :wave:. You can watch the video on our Instagram. Haha I’m not sure who you mean, but maybe they were both me?

Might need an iPad for reading comments and then the rear cam for streaming :question:

Wonder if this is the answer?

“ While recording a video double tap on the Camera screen with the finger of your other hand to flip the camera.”


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That’s just if you want to move from selfie camera to back camera mid filming. Thanks for looking though :hugs:

Is that a real plant Tim? :thinking:

Its probably due to the “corona hair” the rougher version of tim :smiley:

Trying to work out if I’m offended or not. Leave my barnet out of this! :laughing:

It is yes, I think it’s a Corn Plant or Dracaena fragrans

Please don’t be. Both looks suite you well.