Interaction with G Fuel as opposed to coffee or pop

I have been looking at huel for a while now as a complete replacement for dieting. Early this year I finally decided to kick drinking any sort of pop and I swapped to drinking G Fuel instead and swapped too a purely calorie controlled diet of 1750 calories a day to loose weight.
At the end of the month I will be ordering my first week of huel to test so I can really get pushing to get my weight and health in order before I move to the states later this year.
I guess my only question would be, would my consumption of G Fuel as an alternative to pop or coffee have an impact on my huel diet, other than the 25 calories it contains and I will account for already.

I apologise for the rambling wording, its just how my mind pumps it out :slightly_smiling:

I appreciate any comments or advice.

Hi, no consuming G Fuel will not have any impact on Huel

Enjoy :slightly_smiling:

Goty first weeks supply today to start off with a trial week and see how I feel. If it goes as well as others have said then I will be continuing 100 percent huel afterwards :slightly_smiling: