Interested but reserved

After spending roughly 5 hours this morning reading up on Huel I am incredibly interested in giving it a go but I have seen there isn’t any sample packs (All be it there used to be)

I can understand people are saying it’s a commitment but my finances don’t allow me to spend £40 on a product that I won’t particularly enjoy and then buy the ingredients I would use for normal meal prep in the event that I find it not to my taste!

Bit cheeky to ask but would any Hurler be willing to send me a tester at all? I would of course pay for the product plus any packaging and you’d officially take my meal replacement virginity!

Surely you could stomach it even if it wasn’t to your taste? If I’d spent £40 on something but didn’t like it, I’d still try and get the best value out of it by just chugging it down.

Lesson learnt, don’t buy again I guess.

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I agree you are probably right I just thought I’d put the question out there. As a preference I’d prefer to try before I buy but that’s the kind of person I am more than anything!

Take the dive and do it man! It’s worth it. I had these thoughts too but it was well worth the purchase.

It might have to be the case! I’ll mull over it for a couple of days as £40 is unfortunately a good chunk of money for me!

I was in your position, and being a student £40 (36 as it ended up being with a referral code, DM me if you’d like one for £10 off) was a lot of money for me. I was very skeptical about the taste but did my research first, and bought a bag of both kinds of vanilla. The most fair description I can give you is that they taste a lot like your standard vanilla protein shake, but with a more oaty, pea-like flavour in the background. As such, this - to me - is neither “omg delicious” nor “holy crap this is awful”. It’s a really unplaceable but satisfying flavour that I’m totally fine with. I say this as someone who likes high quality food, but is also willing to try anything once while not being the type of person who will flat out refuse any food. If you’re a picky eater, it may not be for you.

Even if you absolutely categorically hate it (which I doubt will be the case), you’re getting a nutritionally complete meal system for about £1.50 a go. Add some flavour to it to mellow it out and you can still choke it down! Haha.

Really though I think you should assess whether you’re the kind of person who can power through eating stuff you might not like before choosing to order. If you are, great, if not, give it a miss or you’ll be stuck with 2 big bags of something you’ll never use.

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Appreciate the offer for the code thanks very much!

I’ve read further and seen people adding options to improve flavour so I may look into doing the same! I’d say the determination is there coming from someone who’s diet is pretty awful more than anything! I’d use it for a nutrition boost and to help in weight loss. Lunches at work for me are only half an hour and generally so busy that 15 mins is what I manage a lot of the time!

I’m looking into this as a potential money saved from typical supermarket branded meal deals (which lets be honest the quality is questionable at best) I really appreciate everyone that’s responded with something positive and I’m aiming more towards just diving in and giving it a go!

The most money saving and (almost) “nutritionally complete” food is the potato.

The 2nd best is another but I won’t tell you unless you pay me, hey, i’m poor too, hah :smiley:

P.S: the only ingredients potentially missing in the potato are the Vitamin b12 (you can find pills and they’re really cheap, the safest choice is cyanocobalamin 1000mcg) and the long-chain fatty acids DHA/EPA (the best DHA/EPA pills are the vegan ones, and they’re not that cheap unfortunately). Finally, you may also need vitamin D, either by exposing your body to sun or pill form. Sun exposure (in moderation) is preferable. Last but not least, you should add some iodized salt to your potatoes. Salt tastes so good because we really need it!

2nd P.S: Another big advantage of the potato (without oils) is that it’s extremely satiating (as far as I know, it is the most satiating food ever tested) and extremely low in fat. So in my view it is extremely good for losing body fat. On top of all this, eating potatoes is also good for the environment and animals. And the last advantage is this, when someone tells to you that carbs make “us” fat, you can mock him and have some fun. :smiley:

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Potatoes are great and the most nutritious single food for sure. However, you’d also be deficient on the sulfur-containing amino acids and histidine too if you relied on them as the levels are low.

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I actually ear a lot of potato but that doesn’t help my issue at work with cooking and prep time! I’ve actually decided to get some (me and my gf are going to try it) so I’ll keep you guys updated on how it goes!

I am just waiting for Huel to do a potato flavour boost pack. Sure to be a winner.

Most people I speak to believe that sweet potatoes are better for you than common spuds. Is that a myth or is there any truth in it? I didn’t actually know they were the most nutritious single food, but that is interesting to hear. Shame you can’t eat them raw. [I know you can sweet potatoes].

I use Huel for this reason too as I needed to be able to eat something healthy at work for lunch. There is so much you can do to flavour it too. I’ve used frozen fruit and thrown it all in the blender, put a spoon of coffee in or added cinnamon or powdered cocoa. The possibilities are endless🤗
I feel so much healthier and have lost around 20lb since I started my Huel journey. I have it for breakfast (another speedy meal) and lunch. I eat with the family in the evening so have a home cooked meal and it works for me. I really hope this helps you to make an informed decision.

This is the exact reason that I want to get involved with Huel!

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I always struggle with the term ‘better for you’. Different foods have their own properties.

The reason this comes about is, I think, because sweet potatoes have a low GI. Most common potatoes have a medium to high GI (varied depending on the type). However, boiled new potatoes also have a low GI so I would say that these are ‘just as good for you’ as sweet potatoes.

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