Is a fishy taste normal with unflavored Huel?

Hi! I tried unflavored Huel for the first time. I don’t mind the texture and quite enjoy chewing on little pieces of grainy stuff. I am wondering if it is normal for it to taste fishy. I also happened to get chocolate mint flavor package and adding that made it even worse, granted no sweeteners. Does earthy equate to fishiness? Is this fishy taste normal? I’ll try it with some savory flavoring next.

Seems like this is a US order, we don’t have Chocolate Mint over here! Sorry to hear about the odd taste of your Huel, having tried the US formula I certainly wouldn’t describe it as fishy. Have you got Vanilla or Unflavoured? Could you let me know a batch number? This is located on the front of the pouch at the bottom after the Net Weight. I.e.

Net Wt 1.7kg (…lb) LOT:12312 EXP:…

Thanks a lot!

It is unflavored Lot number 93523. The vanilla doesn’t have the fishy
taste. I left one of each overnight in the fridge. The unflavored is super
thick almost solid-like compared to the thick but liquidy vanilla. Just
wondering if this is normal or just a weird batch?

At what ratios of powder to water?

500ml water and 100ml almond milk to 115g of powder