Is it not possible to change the email address associated with my account?

If so that seems like an outrageous oversight. I am currently in the process of changing my email address so in about a month the one that Huel has on file will be deleted. I cannot find any option to update my email address in my account settings at, or anywhere else.

Well I tried with team at huel and didn’t make any progress - I’ll spare you the detail. So not sure if I’d recommend that, even though that’s my usual recommendation with queries like this.

I just had a quick look - seems like you can…but not obvious.

Go to manage subscription delivery, then billing information, link, then edit billing info. then change the email address in there.

Didn’t try it, but looks like it will work.

You can do this using the method @hunzas has described or just drop us an email with the email you want to change it to and we can sort this for you! Sorry you didn’t have the same experience @rtrt, let us know if you’re still having an issue with this.

Thanks Tim. My scenario was a little different in that I think you may have 2 x mail addresses in your system for me

I think thats why (in part) I had the issues with the bars order a while back -though the detail escapes me now.

As a result I later suggested that team@huel check and fix this as required, but the comms became too complicated for me to continue tbh.

I’ve simply reverted to replying only to existing team@huel mails, when I want something done and staying away from the web site or even starting a new mail trail.

Although it means I don’t order anything new & its obv a bit old school - its working for me.

Btw the bars thing was sorted well in the end by team@huel and another Hueler benefited with a lower cost box of bars and my favourite charity benefited too - so that was good.