Is it ok to use milk

Is it ok to use milk instead of water?

Yes it is! It tastes great with milk…try to add an espresso and a banana as well…delicious :wink:
I’ve tried it with regular, hazelnut, almond and coconut milk and all were nice


Certainly, just be aware of the extra calories. You might also need a bit more milk than water to maintain the same consistancy though.

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Thanks, I’ll give them a go and let you know

Thanks a lot, I was planning on using it to up the calories so should work out fine

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Using about one fifth jersey goldtop in mine. Delicious.

OMG that sounds good

Why are you bumping old threads with nothing new to add?

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Probably a dairy farmer…it’s a dying trade, needs bumping up (or off).


Bump it up again, better than the boring Brexit thread. :roll_eyes: