Is it possible to develop intolerances to "normal" food on huel-only diet?

A question for the nutritionists…

Is it possible to develop intolerances to “normal” food on a huel-only diet? I’m thinking of things like meats and dairy.

If you are not eating different things all the time is it possible that your bacteria will not be as diverse, leaving you susceptible to overreactions/allergies if you reintroduce normal food?

I ask because I’m enjoying Huel (just ordered my second batch because I missed it when I ran out) and want to make Huel a bigger proportion of my diet.

I was listening to podcast which mentioned the super size me experiment. In which the person said that at first morgan spurlock didn’t get on too with so much mcdonadls but once his gut / microbiome adjusted he “felt” better. The theory is as we fed our bodies certain food, the microbiome which thrives on that food “have the capacity to manipulate behaviour and mood through altering the neural signals”. Source:

So if you are consuming one type of diet, e.g. junk food and switch to a healthy whole food, your microbiome which is living off the junk food might react and trigger feeling bad or craving junk food as they fight to survive, but I don’t think you will be become intolerant, it’s just a passing phase while your guy adjusts.


2 questions that i think are somewhat related:

  1. Is it fine to stop chewing food as there is nothing to chew?
  2. Any idea what impact Huel might have on teeth?

I would imagine that if you don’t use something there might be consequences.


There’s no definitive answer to this. For sure, if you do have a mild intolerance to something and then completely exclude it you are more sensitive so if you consume some of the food, it will give a harsher reaction.

However, I’ve only heard the theory that you can become sensitive to something if you exclude it. There’s no proof.


  1. Yes

  2. If you have great dental care, then there will be minimal impact. Huel doesn’t contain any acids nor is it high in sugars. We do recommend you brush your teeth twice per day with a flouride toothpaste

I was actually thinking that it should be good for your teeth since most teeth damage is associated with dense food or sugars (i am not an expert).