Is lumpy Huel less nutritious?

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This is a really nerdy kind of question lol, but I genuinely am really curious about just how necessary it is that Huel be very well mixed when drinking it. Sometimes I don’t shake as thoroughly as I should, like in the one I’m drinking right this second in fact, and usually I just chew on the Weetabix-y lumps and give it no mind, but I do wonder if I’m doing myself a disservice here. If the science behind the nutrition of Huel does in fact demand that it be in more of a liquid/viscous state in order to better facilitate absorption, or release of nutrients, or however the hoodoo happens.

Thanks for your moment folks!

You don’t need to worry on that score. Use as much or as little water as you like. You can even cook with the stuff.

Vitamin C content will rapidly decrease when exposed to heat above 70 Celsius, so be aware of this if cooking with it regularly.

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If anything, I suspect having lumpy bits is better, as it’ll result in the digestive process taking a smidgeon longer. The difference would be so tiny as to not be worth thinking about though I assume.

Good points, thanks guys =]