Is skin tightening safe enough?

Here is the thing, my first pregnancy was at a very young age of 23. It was a c-section because of which I had health concerns, including back pain. I couldn’t do many exercises to get back my shape and reduce my belly fat. I am just 25 now, but I look much older than that. The pregnancy has changed me emotionally and physically. From being a size four, I fitted to a size six. It took me a lot of exercises to get back in the perfect shape that I had once. I didn’t want to do surgeries available in the market these days knowing it would have consequences in the future. I tackled different workouts and therapies to cut down the fat. I know I could accomplish it with some extra effort. But now, to add to my desperation, wrinkles have appeared, under my eyes, on my forehead. Lax skin has started developing in the abdomen area. I have tried skin tightening creams, but all is in vain. I don’t want to perform any cosmetic surgery. But I have learned of skin tightening treatment which they profess to be non-invasive. Does it have after side effects?

If you mix 6 scoops of Berry Huel with 100ml of water you will have a very thick paste which you can spread evenly under your eyes and over your forehead and belly. The berry has a pleasant fruity smell, as well as all the well known miracle antioxidant benefits of berries, and the beautiful pink colour will give your skin a lovely healthy glow


@ChristinaT I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not? :thinking:

As for your original question @Fairsun, I can’t say I’ve heard of that procedure before but hopefully someone else on here has some advice. Of course I would say you might try to learn to love your body the way it is but I’m sure you have already tried that. Good luck I hope you find the answers you need

@RyanT the OP made no mention of Huel and simply linked to a dubious looking product. Spam I assume.
You can try my berry face mask and let me know the result, but maybe don’t actually put it on your eyes… it’s fairly hypoallergenic (I think) but I wouldn’t want to be responsible for you losing your sight…

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Thank you for responding, I will give it a try. How long will it take to see the visible results?

@Fairsun in all seriousness you’re better off drinking your huel :blush::yum:
Good nutrition can work wonders for the skin.
It’s hard when your body changes suddenly, no matter what the reason is.
But if you eat well, exercise well, and find a lifestyle that makes you happy, you will glow and look beautiful :slight_smile:

Honestly, the best thing to do is speak to your GP and ask for their advice.

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That was my suspicion, but after the 2 calls in 24 hours from HMRC threatening me with prison for fraud I am a little dubious of everything.

US Homeland Security have started following my wife on LinkedIn too. LOL

Yeah guys this is spam. One of the better ones, but much like the hair loss treatment ones we get. I’m locking the thread and removing the link.

@ChristinaT or anyone, if you sense spam then please flag the post. I might have missed this otherwise.