I've Lost Weight Without Trying

A while back (possibly 6 months ago) I was 11st 8lb. I’m just under 6 foot tall, so the NSH says my healthy weight range is 9st 7lb to 12st 12lb.

But when I weighted myself this morning I was 10st 13lb.

I’ve been having 12 scoops of Huel per day, plus an evening meal. I also sometimes pig out on a load of fish and chips on Saturday nights. I also sometimes eat the odd packet of crisps during the day in between my Huel. So I obviously need more calories.

Now, 10st 13lb is bang smack in the middle of my healthy weight range, so I have no particular need to either lose or gain weight. But I think now would be the time to start applying the breaks so I don’t keep losing the weight. About 3 years ago I was just under 10 stone and I did look too skinny.

So I’m going to try upping my Huel intake to 14 scoops per day, plus still have my evening meals.

I’ve emailed the Huel team to see if I can add an extra 2 bags to my monthly subscription and still get the 10% discount on them.