Ive lost weight

I was 115kg 186cm and ive been using Huel, 3 sccops for breakfast and lunch with a moderate dinner. now weigh around 100 - 105 kg in 3 months.

Before i didn’t eat breakfast or lunch just snacked during the day. i work shifts and often have mistimed meals.


Congratulations! I’ve just started my Huel diet and am trying to achieve the same amount of weight loss. four days in now and I’m doing fine as long as I’m not surrounded by too many people eating “normy” food! Seeing the difference on the scaled after a week is already a good motivator though!

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I’ve just finished my 4th week of Huel granola & oat milk for breakfast and 100g U/U Huel shake for lunch with normal dinners (around 1300kcal daily). I started at 15stone and 5ft8, 41 year old female. I’m now 14st 4 and feeling pretty good! It took a bit of getting used to and fiddling with, but I love it now. Still got a long way to go, but this feels sustainable and I can still have meals out, a bit of cheese for supper and some booze. I’m sleeping better which is making everything easier, and my mental health is so much improved. Huel is fab!


That is awesome to hear, Chris! Keep up the hard work. Do you have a target weight?

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Thanks Good luck!

Its easy with Huel as its calorie counted for you and is low in sugar.
I recommend weighing the scoops you use to the book guide (114g I think)

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I started with a target or 90kg and i’m nearly there at 91.9kg although it fluctuates at lot from morning to evening.
My target is now 85kg which I think is my ideal weight based on my height.

Thanks Huel :grinning:

Great to hear. I recommend cashew milk too its got less sugar in it than oat milk and its not gritty like almond milk. although I haven’t tried oat milk yet.