I've started today

My order for 1 weeks supply of Huel arrived today and I thought there’s no point in delaying the experience, having had a big lunch with a client, I wasn’t my in my usual ravenous state when I got home, but I did need something to eat. So, I mixed up my first bottle as per the instructions and I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, texture and satisfied feeling now that it’s finished. I’m hooked!

I’ve prepared my breakfast batch already, with coffee mixed in and it’s in the fridge…rarely have I looked forward to breakfast so much. Here’s hoping that it lives up to expectations.

I’m male, 6’2", 75Kg, fit and healthy, so I’m not looking to use Huel as a diet plan as such, but I do hope to use Huel in order to ensure that I get everything I need, whilst eating normal meals as time and desire dictates. It will be especially handy when I’m travelling on business and faced with the choice of restaurants, or room service, which often leads to the temptation of wine or beer as an accompaniment, which I often fail to resist!

I just need to work out how I can get my future Huel orders processed as a business expense :wink:


Welcome aboard!! :slight_smile:

Thanks pookey. I’ve been lurking on here whilst deciding whether Huel was something that I wanted to try, and this place has certainly proven to be a font of knowledge that I’m glad I found.

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