Just had stent fitted. Can I continue with huel

So on Saturday I took a heart attack and had a stent fitted.
I have been using Huel for a month and would like to continue using it into my rehabilitation.

Anyone experienced this or knows?


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Good luck on your recovery!

(I have no experience on this and wouldn’t want to say either way)

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Hey Kevin, I’m so sorry to hear about this and I am sending you all the well wishes!

Have you been given any instructions/recommendations for dietary intake?

It may be best to speak with your doctor on this as they have your full medical history so they would be best able to advise you here!

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Hi @Kpr hope your feelng a bit better now and i wish you a speedy recovery.

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You want to show the ingredients and nutritional information to your GP or consultant to ask for their advice. They might advise a different diet modification temporarily while your system stabilises, or they might be fine with it as it is a complete nutrition source, not just a ‘diet meal solution’ . . . As with any medical changes you need to ask advice about what exercise they suggest as well, as they might be wary of you overdoing things. :clown_face:

I had emergency OHS in September, new valves fitted and aneurysm removal. Recovery was slow after my heart became infected post op so I let myself slide and more to the point - expand. Started back training beginning of this year to get back in shape so I started Huel to get me through the day and just having a meal in the evening. It seems to be working and I’ve had no issues. Best to check with the Dr if you’re concerned but I can’t see it being an issue. Keep to a low sodium diet that’s all they said and drink in moderation

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Welcome to the Community, @daiiron !

I think the main issue is to make sure you don’t exceed the recommended sodium intake your medical advisors have restricted! I believe the lowest salt level is in the nutritional bars (.35g/100g)

I have a problem digesting lactose, so need to control my BP using a diet lower in sodium, rather than using medication which contains lactose as its filler, so I read ingredients and nutritional information on everything I consume.

.Hope you find everything you need here.