Kelkoo intercepting Huel traffic on Google?

Interesting thing I just noticed. I typed “Huel” into Google, and noticed Kelkoo have got promoted ads for meal replacement products inserted above the results for the Huel website. The web address Kelkoo use includes “huel”. Possibly a deliberate attempt at trying to intercept would-be heuligans?
(https:// www. kelkoo .co. uk/ss-huel.html

It got me wondering, are there laws or rules to prevent this sort of brand hijacking?

I get similar results, but my first sponsored product is Huel. I also get 360,000 fewer results but it does save me 0.01 seconds.

I get MyProtein all over Facebook feed since two weeks ago when I started Hueling.

That’s not unlawful, it’s SEO. No one is forcing you to buy a competitor, it’s just them saying “hey check this out if you’re looking for that.” MP Whole Fuel is decent to be fair.

MyProtein will have a trigger for “Huel” to show their products.

Do you have a Kelkoo browser extension installed?

Edit: Never mind, they’ve got a deal.

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Yeah, and Huel ads are shown if I type in “Soylent”.

Gotta try it

Common practice. Every brand will try to put ads for other brands names. Just type brands that you know and you will see

It’s almost like a dirty Huel. Sometimes vaguely good for me but tasty as hell and equally convenient is preferred.

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So having a competitors trademarked brand name in your web address is allowed?

If it’s post-domain, as far as I know.

Yep, all totally fine.

Wow, so any competitor could add with the objective to imitate the huel brand and manipulate search engines, and that’s ok?

Yep. All ok bro

I believe so, perhaps a page “” etc.

Same way you may see selling Sonos equipment, for example.

I’m sure someone from Huel can correct if wrong!

it depends - if they are actually trying to pass their goods off as Huel for example, then no that isn’t permitted and can be stopped.

If they are just using the wording to drive results as your example - little can be done about that.

Unless its in China - which is basically the wild west when it comes to trademarks, copyright and IP.

I can’t believe you misspelt “Hueligans”

Or like this :wink:

or this one

Loads of it going on.

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