Long-term suitability?

Hi. As an athlete I’m very intrigued by Huel; however, I would like to know whether Huel is viable as a long-term (permanent?) replacement to solid foods?

It is designed as a complete food replacment, and has all the needed macro and micro nutrients. There is also a trial underway/planned where they are testing how a subject is on just Huel for a year.

I’m on Huel I’d say 100% for 4-5 days a week, and the other days I have it for breakfast and last meal at night. I’ve not noticed any major issues other than some gas that settled down after a week.

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Thanks for the prompt and informative reply.

It’s perfect, even Vegan Athletes such as Rich Roll drinks vegan smoothies most of the time.

Thanks @David_Jackson

I have wanted to go vegan for a long time but found it difficult to the types of foods available in my local grocers/supermarkets. I hope Huel will finally make that possible.

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