Looking for a lifestyle change

Hi, all. as the title says, looking to change my life for the better…

A little about myself, I’m 45, 6ft 2 large frame, runs in the family (come from farming stock) large appetite, played rugby, football and cricket, till some injuries stopped me, and i have been obese for a long time now. i currently weigh 158.1kg, at my heaviest i was 165kg…:anguished::grimacing:.My fighting weight when i was playing sports was around 95kg. I’m a food/sugar addict, coke and red bull, and pastrys have been the problem. Also have arthritis and have been suffering with depression for most of my adult life.Having found Huel a while ago, then braving the forum and lurking, i decided to sign in.

I have been having Huel twice daily with a small meal. As i work 4 on/4 off eveings, for 3 weeks/shifts and days for a week/shifts, i’m a hgv driver delivering well known sporting/outdoor goods to stores (not Sports direct). my work life patten is rather good. I’m finding Huel does the job. the only problem i have is the urges to eat something unhealthy, it does overwelm me at times. i have also joined a gym, And i feel i’m going in the right direction.

I felt it was time to post something, to get it out there, to help with my motivation, Sorry if it’s a little boring…Oh and a side note i live about a 1/4 of a mile from Huel head office.

Thank you for taking the time to read this waffle. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey mate - glad to hear that it’s working for you.

I only started last week, as I was not particularly impressed with recent post-injury weight gain.

I find the greatest benefit to Huel is that my snacking desire has dropped hugely…have you tried taking your time over it? Might delay the desire the munch on things.

My job requires me to be fairly physically able, but I find phys really quite boring - I find using a running app (msg me if you want to know the one I’m using) that ties music into my pace to keep me running. (Not sure how this will work with your arthritis - kinda depends where it is). Also look at non-impact exercises that build cardio - weightlift exercises, indoor rowing etc.

Glad you’re getting there!

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Sounds like you’ve got it sussed!
I don’t think you’d be human if you didn’t crave something unhealthy every now and then… :cake::beer:
I imagine that being a driver means you see all that tempting and unhealthy stuff at places like service stations and staff canteens? That must be hard!
After lurking a bit myself I realise that the folk on here are very supportive so I have no doubt that you will succeed in your lifestyle change.
I’m new to this myself and reading your post has encouraged me to persevere.
Maybe I’ll start using the gym membership I started in May in the next few days? :slight_smile:

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What you need to understand that the cravings you are feeling comes from the gut biome, the bacteria you have in there FEED of what you eat, so if you eat sugars the bacteria you have are the ones who eats sugar and when you cut out sugar these bacteria will signal your brain that YOU are hungry because “they” are, when infact you could be having enough kcalories that day but the bacteria hasnt been fed what they want, these bacteria will “flush” out once you’ve cut out sugars for 1-2 weeks and all cravings will be gone, also note that sugar is almost as addictive as nicotine and online heroin surpass nicotine so sugar is one hell of a drug in itself.