Looking for advice

Hey guys, just about to start 100% huel only from the first of next month and I have a few questions.
When it comes to the gym have people struggled to maintain muscle at all or is the high protein content enough to accommodate for most of that.
Also I end up working really long hours or sometimes just inconvenient ones and end up relying on energy drinks (sugar free) which I know is bad but one bad habit at a time. Does anyone know of any good vegan energy drinks. Also any other advice for people just starting, thanks.

Ive gained muscle and strength. Just make sure, as always, that you are getting enough calories in to support growth.

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There’s a really useful article that James Collier BSc (Hons), RNutr about gaining weight and muscle:

James also is using Huel to do a lean bulk: http://www.muscletalk.co.uk/James-Collier39s-8090-Huel-Diet-Journal-m5382501.aspx

What I’ve found is that protein requirements are massively over stated for muscle building . Probably to do with an agenda by the supplement industry. I’m pretty sure going full huel will be perfectly fine and even optimal for steroid free muscle gain.