Looking for Huel devotees to interview - would you be interested?


Did you get around to doing this Nosheen. I was expecting to read all abah tit today. @The_Observer


Hiya. Piece was written last week but held over as we didn’t quite expect the Trump visit to dominate quite so many pages - it will be running this Sunday instead. Thanks!


Huel and Trump are often mentioned together… Due to the vast amounts of noxious farts new users often experience.

You missed a trick there.


I have been using for about a year. Recently done 30 days only while weight training. 07380194097


Missed the paper on Sunday, anyone found this online?


I want to read it too please post for us foreigners too


Yeah me too, @The_Observer is there any update on the article? :slight_smile:


It got put back again. A sleb broke a toenail.


Any update…??


I think it was Love Island final this week. That is priority.


This was Guardian journalism at its finest.


Did this turn into the journalistic equivalent of the emperor’s new clothes?


Yeah don’t think anything has been written by the Guardian or Observer since this post when up.


Frustrating when that happens :roll_eyes:


Yes, I agree.