Loosing weight too quick?

I’ve been on HUEL for ~6 weeks now and I’ve gone from 105KG down to 99KG.
For me I’m happy with the progress, weighing myself daily I can see what I’m loosing.

So I’ve lost about 1KG per week… Is this too much or should I continue and it’ll slow down?
I’ve set my calories on MyFitnessPal at 2200, but I cycle a lot so sometimes it adds the exercise and says I need like 6000+ calories. Which I haven’t really been having, mainly as I’ve not felt the need to.
I don’t feel any different but I DON’T want to be getting to a point where I can’t cycle or cycle as far because I’m not eating enough/loosing muscle etc…

Maybe just worrying over nothing?

Here’s the weight loss graph, since I started.


Can’t imagine you really needing over 6k calories a day, unless you are cycling over 70 miles?

Sounds like you are getting decent results, though they may slow down after the initial loss. I vote for worrying over nothing, but keep tabs on it as I’m sure you will.

Last week I cycled just shy of 250 miles.
Monday - 57 miles
Weds - 100 miles
Friday - 21 miles
Sat - 63 miles

Cycling is great way to lose weight quicker, I would let it settle out and up the calories only if you are feeling hungry or lacking energy.

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Yeah, I have been eating say 3500/4000 calories on days ive done a big ride.
I just didn’t want to one day go out on my bike and find I’ve got no strength :grin:

My legs don’t really have any fat on them, it’s all my top half. Probably all the cycling I do, maybe need to look into training to combat them areas too? Maybe in winter :yum:

Localised fat loss is a myth to sell magazines that promise “belly burning bonanza”. You can’t make your body lose fat in different places depending on which muscles you work, you can just build more muscle tissue there and make it appear more toned.

Keep up the general weight loss and the top half will follow. 1KG a week is brilliant, don’t stress. :slight_smile:


yeah, the hundred mile ride would likely do it. I’m roughly the same weight as your starting weight now, and I tend to find that 10 miles = roughly 700 calories, depending on speed. That’s based on the assumption that using MapMyRide and purely tracking with GPS (I don’t have a heart rate monitor) is accurate, which it won’t be, but one would hope it’s a decent ballpark figure.

If you’re going on such long rides so regularly, I imagine you need a lot of carbs just to keep going

Yeah I will just continue.

I use a heart rate monitor on my Garmin and then upload to Strava, apparently Strava is one of the best at estimating calories burnt during a ride.

What I have noticed, I’ve weighed a scoop of HUEL @ 50g. So when I’ve had three scoops I’ve presumed it to be 150g. But 50g is a compact scoop, an actual level scoop is around 38g. So I’ve been over calorie counting by ~150 every day just on breakfast.
So having a calorie deficit of around 650 has actually been 800 on a ‘normal’ day. I’ve not had an issue feeling hungry though, so I’ll just continue.

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An hour cycling is around 700 calories - 100 miles approx 3500 calories. If I am riding that far I will be fuelling and using powder in my drink and important to have a recovery drink or meal after.

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I had 3 Clif bars at 260 calories each on my 100 miler, with 600 cal of HUEL before I set off.
Once home I had HIGH5 recovery with milk within 10 mins. That’s around 800 calories.
Then normal tea, cant remember now but I think I did have a bit more than normal :grin:

I’ve stopped using SIS powder in my drinks lately as my farts have been awful, and I’ve found within 5 mins of been home after a ride my stomach starts to hurt and I have to GO!
So last month I’ve been just adding a bit of black current for flavor, even in my camel back when out on bigger rides on MTB.

This winter I’m planning on using my TACX NEO bike trainer properly and doing training sessions/workouts on ZWIFT/Trainer Road. Last winter I just used ZWIFT and was just doing 1.8-2W/KG rides, which haven’t helped my fitness this year at all.

I also have a Neo and use Zwift, I have just started the Academy and did the 2-2.5w/kg ride and was hard work as the front people going too quick, it was a good hour workout though.

I’ve seen that advertised on Facebook and Emails, but cancelled by subscription over the summer.
Think i’ll give it another month and sign back up. Need to climb Alpe d’huez (or Alpe d’Zwift :grin:) again, that was fun.

I cancelled in summer and signed back up for winter, I rode Alpe D’Huez in real life and on Zwift but only at level 10 so can’t climb it again until level 12.

The first thing I did when I turned level 12 was ride to it and up.
Looking forward to training this winter and I’m hoping to do a lot more big climbs next year.
Loosing weight will help me though :biking_man: