Lost weight faster

Hi there… well let me explain now that my problem it’s basically the same as dose that est less and don’t lose weight. Im a 24 yrs girls, i was weighting 220 lb, from one month ago, I started to eat once at day, just lunch, vegetables with just the meat and grill, with one spoon ( the small one) of oil, im going to the gym, i use to spend 30 minutes in the elliptical machine as a cardio exercise and then others 30 mnts doing abdominal and lifting weights, i loss it already 22 lb, but now im eating the same, but i have increased the amount pf time in cardio, 40 minutes now and 35 working out in the abdominals and lifting weights, but im not losses the same amount of weight as before, i dont past from 197… I would like really some advice and if you can help me please just let me know some how or some ideas to try and i will be thankful.
Thanks you.