Loving Huel in my life!

About 6 months in and loving Huel. It lets me control my weight! I love the flavour enhancers especially Matcha Tea, Mocha, Chocolate and have just discovered Rhubarb & Custard which is fab. I like to blitz 3 scoops with about 500 ml and add some frozen florets of broccoli, cauliflour and or peas. Carrots work well too. Also like to put some fresh chilli in!

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with vanilla or uu?

Hi there,

I keep changing from 3 scoops to 2, then back to 3, but then I am gaining weight not losing it. Mixed correctly 2 scoops I feel can be filling so i am going to try this way…

I have to admit I like peanut butter ( 100% nuts range obviously) and maybe I need to cut this down although I wouldnt say I have LOADS at a time.

I am also trying to ‘sip’ it more slowly ( but when your ravenous hard to do!)

I am yet to see a drastic change on the weight side…( despite cross fit and cardio feel my clothes getting tighter!!)

Do u snack inbetween? and do you have an evening meal?

Any tips be gratefully recieved!


Vanilla all the way!

Have you ever weighed the amount you add and calculated the calories of this portion? Might be a shocking but valuable lesson. :scream:

Its quite good to rem8nd ypur mind that this is a meal through serving it in a bowl and eati g it with a soup spoon

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