Loving Huel now more than ever

I knew Huel for a while now, have lots of friends using it for years and I had it sporadically when I was with them.

It wasn’t until recently that I decided to try it myself, and boy have I wasted year of not doing it hehe

It’s delicious and a lifesaver, allowing me to enjoy a quick and healthy meal (and refreshing this heat wave as I add a bit of crush ice to it hehe). This month at work is hectic and with one meeting after the other, and Huel is proving to be here to make my life easier and more delicious!

Saying I love it will be an understatement!


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: Hey @Cabotu, so nice to meet you and welcome, at long last, to the Huel team! Great to have you on board. I can totally related to you on the hectic work stuff, so perfect when otherwise you might just forget to eat (or just think about eating through all your meetings!)

yes yes yes, icy Huel is so good. Get some coffee in there and it’s basically the most nutritious iced latte you ever had.

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