Low carb/Keto Huel


You’ve had it drilled into you by breakfast cereal manufacturers unfortunately. Lots of interesting reading on the introduction of the American diet to the UK after the war, and how the low fat movement is higher sugar leading to more hunger, sugar crashes, diabeties etc.

Thankfully we’re now coming round to realising that ‘good’ fats are indeed good for us, and unless we’re burning off the carbs, then they store as sugar/fat.

I did Atkins in 2005 and lost 3st in 4 months. I didn’t gorge on sausages/cheese etc, but focussed on lean meats and good fats. My downfall is my love of pizza and cake!


Also very interested in a keto Huel! Since i increased my fat intake using Huel, I’ve had awesome results and i’m ready to take it further! Right now i’m just adding extra coconut shreddings…


Yo Yo just echoing interest in vegan huel keto. Would be fucking amazing. One of the big things that lead me to huel was the “sugar” difference from soylent. Vegan Keto huel would be very powerful


Hi HappyJack!

12 scoops! How do you spread those out during a day?:hushed::slightly_smiling_face:

K x


Very interesting, could be the key of the life…


Since a large majority of Huel is made up of oats full of carbs, maybe we can have a reduced priced keto Huel? :slight_smile:


Registering my interest in this too.

I am doing keto plus intermittent fasting (23/1). A keto huel would make my one meal a day much simpler!

Testing would need to be done on a group of people to test their ketones after eating the keto Huel, preferably after a long fast and with depleted glycogen.

Looking forward to any developments in this :grinning:


Low carb oats. You guys are really something else. :slight_smile:


This is very good news.


Hi James/all, long time lurker but have been buying HUEL for months.

I have severe (some would say very severe MECFS) and am totally bedridden (prior natural bodybuilder/powerlifter/biochemist and human nutritionist in training).

I rely on HUEL hugely for providing a great micronutrient mix, and as my main source of macronutrients.

However, like many with MECFS dysbiosis is a major player with results being replicated from various centres. A microbiome shift seems to be the case, whether cause or effect that is not known yet but many patients have had improvement with modulating the microbiome.

One issue with Huel is the amount of carbohydrates-while extremely good for normal, athletic people is not so great for dysbiosis. The same can be said about the high fibre content. This is not going to help those with dysbiosis, and the whole ‘prebiotic’ over probiotics (which are almost all transient) does not seem to help from observation.

Antibiotics are not always the answer as the can have detrimental effects directly on the mitochondria (which are more and more looking like they are heavily affected by MECFS, which makes a huge amount of sense).

A lower carbohydrate version of HUEL would be really useful in this circumstance, as the overgrowth I have (Firmicuites genus and others) respond to a lower carbohydrate diet i.e. they decline.

The fats and protein in HUEL is great, as is the micro profile.

As us severe can do extremely little (like get to the toilet and back and bedbound rest of the day, everyday) HUEL is extremely valuable and may open another market for you. We need easily digestible food due to our gastrointestinal issues which is part of the diagnostic criteria.

Anyway this has gone on way too long but not only for bodybuilders/athletes/normal folks on a cut (im talking low carb, not necessarily keto for this potential new HUEL), it has also been useful to a severe MECFS patient and I notice others on this forum with MECFS (Myalgic encephalitis/chronic fatigue syndrome).

Anyway just my £2. Give me a message if I can be of help in anyway.



Hi Ben

Thanks for your feedback - we certainly look at all options. If we were to devise a lower carb formula, it would still have to have a good amount of fibre though to be nutritionally complete.

We have low carb hacks which might help: https://uk.huel.com/blogs/news/low-carb-huel-two-hacks


Thank you so much! Its great that you’re thinking about those of us with different requirements. I love Huel and the idea behind living a life with Huel - The reason your ‘low carb hacks’ interest me and a lower carb, higher fat product would suit me is because I recently got diagnosed with ADHD and have found that carbs significantly lower the efficacy of the medication by making the symptoms of my ADHD worse – Though on the opposite side going into a keto style diet next to having an intermittent fasting period during the day AND excercising have made the symptoms much more manageable. I really look forward to the innovations in food nutrition and diet management that coompanies like Huel and nutritionists like yourself bring us in the future and thanks again for the advice on how to adjust my huel intake to be diet appropriate.


Hi, you made this comment over two years ago, so just wondering if there’s anything in the works yet?

Lowering my carbs for weight loss/maintenance works really well for me. I know it’s not for everyone. I’ve bought Huel in the past but found it harder to maintain my weight so reverted back to low carb PHD protein shakes and the like. In fact, I ended up mixing the Huel and PHD just to get it used up. I’d definitely buy Huel again if there was a lower carb version.


It’s being discussed, but the important thing to note about Huel is that it’s not a weight loss product.


It’s ok, most of us just dream of looking like Brad Pitt in Fight Club, even though we have no hair, 2 kids and a mortgage.


Even Brad Pitt didn’t look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club, so I think you’re safe, as long as you’re crazy enough & it sounds like you’re managing that just fine.


Gee, thanks!


I’m part of the low-fat movement and I’ve to confess it: we really are to blame for hunger, sugar crashes and diabetes! We had to do this to sell more breakfast cereals. We had no other choice to make big money.

P.S: Take a look -> https://www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb/fasting-blood-glucose-higher


I think the hardest part for a ketogenic huel would be the protein content. Too high protein and it’s no longer ketogenic, and too low protein and people will experience muscle loss. Have you found a solution for this?


No, because it’s being discussed