Low carb/Keto Huel


Or vegetable fats.


Hi James. Are the oats coooked for huel? Its important. Or are raw?


No; but what relevance is this to a low carb Huel? Or are you referring to a concern about phytic acid; if so, read here.


Hello James, thank you for the low carb hacks.

As a diabetic trying to lose weight, I also want to control my carbs as much as possible.

The high-protein hack looks like an okay alternative for now, but I too would love to see a nutritionally complete low-carb version of Huel.


Hi, excited to hear that an LCHF / ketogenic version of Huel is being discussed! I hope when you think about the formulation you will have the same principles in mind that you had when you designed regular Huel (i.e. healthy, vegan, complete, convenient) and not just weight loss. A lot of people who are switching to LCHF are not interested in weight loss but want to reap all the health benefits of that lifestyle.


Thanks for the feedback. I have very mixed feelings on keto myself about the health benefits. But I can see the purpose of low carb.


Thank you for your reply. I think everyone on this forum would be delighted if you could find time to compile a summary of what you currently view as pros and cons of a ketogenic diet. I know that you must be extremely busy so please, do not feel pressured. Just a thought.


What do you mean?


He means he has mixed feelings on the health benefits of a keto diet.


I mean, Iā€™m not convinced about the health benefits of ketogenic diets in the majority of people.