Mad hermit wants to be a lanky streak of piss

It’s a while since I posted an update. My weight loss stalled over Christmas. My depression spiralled out of control, but in quite a boring way (people with depression know how it is) and I’ve just been trying not to gain back the weight I lost last year.

And I succeeded. I have gained one solitary pound despite comfort eating like a grizzly bear on numerous occasions. My mood improved once the calendar flipped over to February, and I’m back on track.


Well done. :+1:

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You’ve got this, well done!

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There is no harm in falling off the wagon occasionally. Christmas is especially hard. And where I work there are tons of biscuits and cakes laying around all over the place. Getting back on the wagon is the important bit. Well done you. My next weigh in and blood glucose check is later this month. I know my weight hasn’t dropped as much but at least it is still going down. Fingers crossed I can start reducing some of my meds.


v3.0 ranking, compared to v2.3

  1. Vanilla (↑2)
  2. Banana (—)
  3. Chocolate (↓2)
  4. Coffee (—)
  5. My nannan’s ashes (RIP)
  6. Berry (—)

Mint Chocolate has not and will not be tested. Berry was tested as a duty to science and morbid fascination. Mint Chocolate is bad in a boring way and isn’t worth revisiting.


Great post. David, you sound like my funnier twin. Except now I’m the fat one.


New here and this is a great post for me to start at.

At time of starting I’m 6ft 2in, 16st 10lbs.

I’m a comfort eater and have no self control, since COVID happened I’ve been working from home and eating all day, gained over a stone in 4 weeks. Bought Huel and decided to just go big bang and hit 3 shakes a day and see where I go.

First time on the forum and I find this thread which is tailor-made for my motivation, also written in a style I like and has swears. Ticks all the boxes.

@David - the post where you say you’re looking for jeans in a 32 and then said “I’m sitting here in a Medium t-shirt” exactly speaks my language. My t-shirts have gone up to XXL and just do a purpose now of trying to make me feel OK about my size, instead of changing my size to make me feel OK.

Thanks for this, and the numbers are great to see too, I’ve knocked up a weight tracker graph in Google Sheets and knowing you’ve seen solid numbers is really positive.


I’ve been eating like a brontosaurus for the past few weeks and put a few pounds back on. Not too many though. I’ve started calorie counting again this week and will get things back under control.

If you haven’t had Huel before, you might want to build up to having three shakes a day. Your guts will have to adjust and, depending on your current diet, they might have to adjust a whole bloody lot. Like how Hiroshima was adjusted by Little Boy.

Thanks for the kind words. Keep us posted on your progress! (edit: I found your thread so I’ll watch with interest.)

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thats a pretty specific analogy David (30kg a day :flushed:)



A particularly greedy brontosaurus! (40kg)

It feels bad to laugh at a joke like that, esp these days when comedy has become the latest target of the sjw community, but it’s the witticism that is funny, not the event, clearly. You really are a comedy genis, and should do it for a living - if you don’t already. Do you write for Ricky Gervais? Your style reminds me of his quite a bit, with its searing irreverence.

Thank you, but I generally align with the “SJW community” (not a real thing, but whatever), and began to find Gervais’s schtick grating midway through Extras. I think he’s been going steadily downhill since then.

And that’s just his professional output. As a human being he’s an insufferable [[[very rude word]]] and I don’t know how anyone can bear working with him.

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My mum has been watching the SAS who dares program and we agreed we would like to see Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkington and Steven Merchant all on there (without being able to quit).

This was an excellent (and entertaining) read, @David :smile:
How are you getting on? I’m on board with a couple of stone to lose.

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I’ve just read this whole thread - absolutely AMAZING effort and weight loss. Would love to hear how you’re getting on?
I was first diagnosed with bipolar when I was 13 and though I’m still battling it now (as you know, these things never really go away), it’s a lot easier to manage when I’m eating well, particularly if I’m limiting sugar. I loved your thread and identified with so much of what you said.
Secondly, I also had a nannan. I mean, everyone has / had grandparents, obviously, but I called my biological dad’s mum nannan too. I’ve never heard anyone else use that name. Haven’t tried the berry powder, so not sure how it would relate to my own nannan’s ashes, but the berry RTD is a winner!

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Thanks yous twos! I’m not getting on too well, hence the lack of updates. My mental heath is in a shabby state, and I’ve no motivation to look after myself. I’m not gaining or losing weight. It’s all terribly uneventful.

I had plans to rent a little flat in the city and start getting my life on track, but then 2020 happened. I don’t feel like I should complain though. 2020 happened to a lot of people.

My current plan is to get Ring Fit Adventure and a Switch to play it on. It looks like a lot of fun and a good way for housebound nerds to get in shape. It may seem silly to spend money on a game to exercise with, when I could exercise anytime for free. But gamification works really well to motivate me.

It’s quite unusual. I think it’s a Yorkshire word. There’s a cluster of nannans in Sheffield, but they’re endangered like Red Squirrels. Nans and nannans cannot coexist, and unfortunately nans are larger and carry (but are immune to) the nanpox virus.

I agree that it’s easier to manage mental heath when we eat well. I’m trying hard not to fall off the wagon too much while I’m in the doldrums. I have three Huel shakes every day, but sometimes I have a bread binge (BREAD!!:heart_eyes:) Have you ever tried bread? It’s incredible. I was gonna bake bread, but I couldn’t get hold of any yeast. Then last week I was in Tesco and there was yeast on the shelf! I bought it, but the homemade bread fad was two months ago, so I don’t know if I can be arsed. I already eat too much bread. BREAD!!:heart_eyes:

Mate I have serious mental health issues too but I should warn you that gamification loses its shine after about 3 days in my experience.

I bought an exercise bike, I stick on benefit Britain or don’t pay or we’ll take it away, sit on the bike and cycle for ten kilometres while watching crap tv.

Bad luck on the flat issue, managing to live independently now by the seaside is a godsend for the depression/anxiety side of things.

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You might be right, but I have mild OCD, and gamification usually works well for me. Just give me points for doing something, bonus points for doing it on consecutive days, and a big XP bar that you can never completely max out. I used to get the bus into the city just so I could walk around playing Pokemon Go! I was walking 40 extra km each week playing that. I did eventually get bored but it took a year. Ring Fit has decent resale value if I decide it’s not for me.

The seaside sounds good! I live in a total dump at the moment. I will get my flat, it just won’t be for a while yet.

Aw David I’m sorry to hear uve not been great. I thought as much as you had not been here to keep us amused with your witty comments. Just remember we are all here to keep you going. One day at a time for this now. Where were you thinking of moving to. I think this lock down is getting to us all though and here in Scotland we are only now just beginning to see family. Take good care. X :sunglasses::birthday:


I’m not clever enough to know how to reply to little bits of your message, so I apologise for that in advance…

Firstly, I’m really sorry things are not shiny, wonderful and amazing. 2020 has been a bit of a tough one. I suppose it’s an amazing silver lining that you are neither gaining nor losing weight. The first month or so of lockdown I ate like I was trying to win an award for it and drank like I was on holibobs. I guess it makes sense why I’m my heaviest weight ever when I think about it.

Re: nannans. Interesting facts there about the coexisting, it had not ever crossed my mind to do further research. My nannan was actually Latvian, but I believe Yorkshire is twinned with Latvia, so that probably explains it. I will also now read your posts in a terrible Yorkshire accent in my head, whether you have a delightful northern twang or not.

And finally, I hope that when you are able to move, you will be able to. It’s super frustrating when plans fall apart. We are renovating a terribly shitty house at the moment and we were about three weeks away from being able to move in (to the upstairs anyway) when lockdown appeared and everything stopped due to various contractors self isolating, lack of available materials, us not even knowing if we could go and do things ourselves etc etc. Finally things are picking up again and we hope to be back in a few weeks but boy do I feel your pain of an expected move falling through.

No idea what the game is but if it works for you, I fully approve.

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