Making Huel sweeter?

Hey, I just ordered some Huel and enjoy the flavour but to go against what seems to be the popular opinion I could do with it being a bit sweeter! I have a very strong sweet tooth, I’ll look at getting some of the flavouring and tried some chocolate powder, but it was a little bitter.

If I were looking to add sugar or honey to make it sweeter, would this be problematic if done regularly nutrition wise?

Thanks, Rob.

Well, obviously it’s not going to get more healthy if you start using sugar with it…

use 1 tbsp of strawberry per 100g of Huel… it’s super sweet and I love it for breakfast.

Fruits that blend well.

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The two “best” zero-cal natural are probably:

  • Xylitol - 1 on the sweetness scale, so you will need more
  • Stevia - 300 on the sweetness scale, but does have a bitter after taste

Of the artificial we believe that surcalose is the best option. 600 on the sweetness index so you only need a tiny amount and the closest taste to sugar but with zero cals.

This is a great resource:

The strawberry flavour pack is nice and goes well with vanilla.

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