Making it taste good!

Lost two stone this year, Huel was part of that. Here are some tips that helped me enjoy the experience and lose weight.

  1. I hated the first bag of vanilla huel, had to junk it. Horrible, chemically aftertaste. In fact I quit Huel it was so bad. But the unsweetened one tempted me back. I totally lost the chemically aftertaste. It’s something to do with my taste buds but what is perfect for me is half a teaspoon of banana flavouring in 500ml of water with about 100g of Huel. My tip would be get the unsweetened and add flavor to your taste.

  2. Make it the night before. Leaving it to stand in the fridge really does affect the consistency. It’s only a slight change but it makes it nicer.

  3. Use an electric blender. No matter how much you shake this stuff with your hands your going to end up with big blobs of essentially powder that feel horrible and taste like chalk. An electric blender makes a perfectly consistent creamy texture.

  4. Don’t blend in one thing and drink out of another. This stuff is sticky and hard to clean! Instead blend in the cup you’re drinking from, like a breville or similar.

  5. Calculate your BMR and figure out how that can be represented in Huel this is your first target. Also measure your typical calorific intake (including booze). This will be much higher than your BMR requirement (probably). Don’t swap all meals to Huel, but just try initially to match your usual intake including some Huel. Then reduce over time to closer to your BMR requirement. Take your time, give it months. Reduce slowly so there is no crash.

  6. Abandon 3 square meals a day! I make up three or four cups (500ml) each day that have around 400 calories each and have them every 3 or 4 hours - when I’m hungry. Don’t let your body starve.

  7. Know the calories in 1g of Huel and work out how much each meal should contain. Sometimes I’d take 400calories in for breakfast, 600calories for lunch, and 400 calories for a snack in the afternoon. I’d arrive home having consumed 1400 calories and could have ‘anything’ for dinner (a normal meal.) This allowed me to Huel during the day and eat whatever with my wife (not to be underestimated).

  8. Between meals have an apple or a handful of nuts (but watch the calories in those bastard nuts)

  9. Your stomach, at first, might not have the right amount of the bacteria necessary to digest this type of food efficiently at first. But after a few attempts you’ll be able to digest it fine.

  10. Energy levels are very oddly consistent.

  11. I felt the cold for the first time in years. Without an abundance of superfluous calories people get cold!

I could go on, but thought maybe some of this might be helpful to someone.

Best of luck,