Matcha in the evening?

Is it okay to use the Matcha flavour boost in the evening?

I’ve read that it gives you an energy boost and should therefore not be taken in the evening. Is this only for pure matcha or also for the flavour boost?

Mmmm… matcha is my new favourite, it levels out the sweetness for me. I don’t really notice an extra energy boost from it. If you are sensitive to caffeine then you might notice it, especially at night. I add about half a teaspoon of boost to 3 scoops.

It’s funny, when I started with Huel about a year ago I didn’t rate any of the boosts in the sample pack but recently I tried another box and there’s a few I now quite like.

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The matcha boost does contain real matcha green tea powder and therefore contains caffeine - so it depends whether you personally need to avoid caffeine in the evening.
I stick to using it in the morning, same as coffee, but I am quite sensitive to caffeine

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