May contain mustard

I casually glanced over the U/U Huel v2.3 powder label, and spotted in bold “May contain Mustard”. What happened, when did this change occur? It did not use to be this way, and Huel prizes itself on being allergen-free.

Also, shouldn’t there have been a sticker added to the Huel powder bag saying “Allergen update” to comply with some UK regulation?


Wow, I just minutes ago noticed that too on my new bag of banana. I haven’t checked the labels of my other bags for ages as I’ve not expected any changes, but as this newly dropped I was checking the ingredients of the bag and it stood out…I’ve just come to the forum to post about the banana, and what do I see…this.

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I have a bag of berry which is over 2 months old and that says it may contain mustard aswell.


It has happened relatively recently. It’s a minor change to ensure that we are providing transparency to consumers.

No, this is not mandatory.

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Where does this possible mustard contamination come from? Is it ingredients grown next to mustard plants, or is the Huel powder made in a facility that also handles mustard on the same equipment?

If it is the facility, how are the plans going on having Huel made in its own facilities that only handle Huel?

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It’s the facility.

It’s been said before and it hasn’t changed, this is very unlikely to happen. Facilities are extremely expensive, plus the equipment and resources, it doesn’t make sense especially as Huel is still a relatively small company.

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