Meal replacement

Hi! I hope to get this question answered. I’m working with a trainer and I’m new to the gym. Currently, this is what I am supposed to be eating:

Breakfast- I cup oatmeal and 50g protein shake
Meal 2: 1 cup brown rice with 8ounce chicken + veggie
Meal 3: 1 cup brown rice with 8oz flank steak + veggie
Meal 4: 1cup Red potatoes and 8oz cod + veggie
Meal 5: 1 cup yams with 8 ounce grilled chicken + veggie
Meal 6: 50g protein shake

Due to my schedule, I work long shifts at the hospital, I am unable to eat the oatmeal from meal 1, and usually cannot eat meal 2 and meal 4. Which means, I’m not having enough protein and carbs.

So basically, if I replace 3 of the above meals with Huel, will I be getting similar macro intake? I’ve asked my trainer but she says no but I think it’s bevause she wants me to continue buying my protein from her- which I will, LOL, but I need a solution for the meals I am unable to eat.
Also, I am working out about 5 days a week and my main goal is to build muscle. Please let me know!

I wouldn’t say the trainer is supplying you with anything you couldn’t find online. I’d consider that before paying for further training…

Assess the calorie content of those meals and replace with Huel as appropriate, ensuring macros are also met. Simple. :slight_smile:

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Sounds ludicrous. I realise this isn’t helpful, but I’m a bit hungover, ran a marathon yesterday and have the prospect of a heavy Six Nations day ahead. I’d get a different trainer.

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