Middle-aged Hueligans

Millennials like things you eat instead of food – breakfast and other replacement bars, Huel, drinks so milky they pass for meals, cereals in disposable bowls … OK, maybe #notallmillennials, but the point is, you will never see a middle-aged person packing a lunch like this.

I’m not middle-aged but I feel mildly perturbed for you.

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Don’t feel perturbed by her lack of imagination, Tim. Feel bad for her because her social circle is so limited and homogeneous.

And don’t call me a Hueligan, ya young whippersnapper!

And I’m definitely not middle aged!


Yeah I think you might be onto something about her social circle being narrow, but in her defence, if you’re just looking at a typical inner-city office, the broad statements do fit fairly well.

My takeaway from this is that her idea of a non-traditional meal is Huel. Not “meal-replacement shake”, Huel itself. That’s some Hoover-Kleenex level brand power. Props to all at Huel HQ!

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That‘s a good point. I always think of Huel et al as “Soylent clones”, but since Soylent was so slow to market outside the US I guess they don’t get to be the Hoover over here.