Mike - My Huel Journey

Hello, my name Is Mike.
I’m making this post, to keep you guys updated on my experience with Huel.

My primary goal is to loose weight.
My secondary goal is to become healthier.

I’m 180 cm tall.
I weigh 120 kg.

I train 3 times a week for 2 hours

Diet (Vanilla Huel)
8:00 Breakfast: Oat meal 50 g. and milk 200 ml. 248 kcal.
10:00 Pre Lunch: One level scoop 38 g. 156 kcal.
12:00 Lunch: Two level scoop 76 g. 312 kcal.
14:00 Midday snack: One level scoop 38 g. 156 kcal.
16:00 Pre Dinner: Two level scoop 76 g. 312 kcal.
18:00 Dinner: Three level scoop 114 g. 467 kcal.
20:00 Evening Meal: Skyr 200 ml. 130 kcal.
(Skyr is a Danish yogurt product with a high protein content) (Rough translated it means “Cloud”)
That’s 1785 kcal a day.

I just realized that I cannot keep editing this, so I will post updates below.

Hi Mike! Thank you for the update and welcome to Huel Forum. Looking forward to hearing your progress. Let us know if there is anything you need help with and the collective members of the forum will come together with heads full of ideas.

Thank you for choosing Huel.