Milk allergy

I’m allergic to milk, and it’s rediculous how manufacturers hide it in so many food products where you just wouldn’t expect it. If I drunk enough milk, it could cause me to go into anaphylactic shock. In processed foods, the symptoms are much less severe, and seemingly non-existant in some cases.

I started using Huel daily 5 and a bit weeks ago, and since then the symptoms I’ve lived with for so long, like hives, stomach pain, runny nose, being a bit wheezy, and being violently sick on occasion, have all gone away completely.

Great to have found a food product which keeps my allergy in check as well as my weight. Awesome! :grinning:


At least they have to label milk as an allergen these days, so makes it easier I guess.

yeah it does, but they don’t always do, especially when the food comes from another country. It’s a nightmare eating out sometimes. Telling them you have a milk allergy isn’t enough, you have to tell them to check the ingredients of their ingredients otherwise they tend to think it just means not pouring milk into the food prep.

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Hmm, I thought by law now, all food allergens must be on the labels whether in supermarket products or restaurants. Staff in restaurants should know what allergens are in any/all of the dishes.

Danish firm Naturli for example that makes dairy free (vegan) spread had a contamination issue last month and had to withdraw their margarine products from Sainsbury’s and independents and issue a recall notice.

I don’t know what applies to food from outside Europe. Maybe someone from Huel knows as their ingredients are in part sourced outside Europe.

You’re right about supermarket products:

For restaurants the information may not be present on menus but it has to be available. If it is not listed you can ask and legally they have to provide this information.

These laws have always been a bit lax around cafes, coffee shops etc. The good news is that will change: