Mixing Black with U/U

I currently mix flavoured with unflavoured 50/50 as not keen on too sweet a taste. Thinking of trying Black Vanilla, but given there’s currently no U/U version available for Black edition, I was thinking of mixing it with the “white” U/U.

Has anybody tried this and can say how well it works?

Pre Black I would do UU 70g to 30g protein shake for a 400 calorie meal just to boost my protein intake on certain days.

I tried mixing UU v2.3 70g with Chocolate black 25g attempting to make a 400 calorie shake (makes aprox 396 calories).

It mixed fine, but the chocolate flavour was really striped back, granted I have only had 1 90g black chocolate shake to compare it with.

I haven’t tried 50/50 but I would in the future try altering the balance to make the chocolate flavour stronger.

Works fine :+1:t2:

Thanks. Black Vanilla on the way so will be able to try.